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    Fender Center for the Performing Arts

    That sound. The sound of your baby learning a song for the first time. Oops you're not supposed to call them that, remember? They're getting way too grown up for cutesy nicknames, thank you very much.


    I’m not a little kid, mom. I know how to do it by myself, dad….


    But that’s okay, because you can call them your little peanut in your head any time you want. We’ll never tell. Because let’s face it, whether they’re playing the Whisky A Go Go or the Kids Rock Free stage—they’ll always be your baby.


    And you will always be proud of them.

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    Marconi's Oceanside Gifts is a gift shop located in Wellfleet, MA that invites you to journey back to the holidays when you were a kid. When the sun was warm and the salt water taffy in your pocket was warmer. When the days seemed to last forever. And everyone was happy. Since 2007, Marconi's Oceanside Gifts has been the one to take you back. Back to wooden wind spinners and homemade fudge. More than just a summer t-shirt store or beach shop; they’re a time capsule. Crawl inside and feel the bliss of unencumbered childhood again.


    For more information on your new favorite beach shop please call (508) 349-8205 or visit their website at marconisoceansidegifts.com.

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    Fender Center for the Performing Arts

    Freedom is something that can never be fully expressed; only felt. Kids Rock Free offers your family unrestricted access to music. Here you’ll find the freedom to access a drive within yourself and to uncover the artist within. KRF is committed to creating and maintaining a world-class educational facility to grant kids the freedom to learn and express their passion for music in all its diversity. 

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    Just when you were thinking, boy I sure haven’t seen enough full-pupil contacts on TV lately, Netflix serves up new, original series Hemlock Grove. It’s seemingly exactly what it sounds like (which is forcing your way through a herd of angry Twilights).


    With what appears to be a fairly obvious vampire, werewolf, and maybe even a potential ghost, Roth seems to be making the statement: “What Being Human  could really use is a little more nudity and gore.” Wondercon’s sneak peak showed off a grisly werewolf transformation that includes Evil Dead inspired eye popping, but lacking Bruce Campbell’s debonair touch.


    The cast includes a few well known members, and a few less known. Did anyone even realized Dougray Scott was still around? Hemlock Grove  is billing itself as a paranormal murder mystery for “mature audiences.” Begging the question, if audiences were mature, would anyone tune in?


    Hemlock Grove  jumps off the success of House of Cards, but the promo’s landing will likely leave you disappointed. With all 13 episodes delivered together, you’re sure to be mainlining it all the same.


    Coming April 19


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    It’s a cold day in the city. The sky, threatening rain all day, has become dark and brooding with evening. She doesn’t have to look out the window to see the clouds swirling. The wind whipping the branches of the trees. Every time the building shudders, it sounds like a gasp.


    Charlotte sits on a stool, in the main room of her apartment, in front of a space heater. She’s spinning — or trying to. The fibers catch at her skin, leaving it raw and her knee aches from working the pedal. Smack click, it says, smack click. Keep going; twist, twist, twist.


    She stops a moment to arch her back, keeping the yarn taut. She goes back to it soon enough. Whir, whir, whir the wheel spins.



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  • Amy's brilliant title story, a meditation on family and matrilineal legacies, easily brings Rapunzel into the modern world...

    -Publishers Weekly on Rapunzel's Daughters

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